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30 September
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One of my names is John Magister. I've had others, and still have 'em, I just choose not to share them with most. Because three quarters of you lot think I'm 'round the bend and the ones that believe me...well. Three quarters of them are 'round the bend, over the hills, and on their way to grandmother's house. Incurably mad by your standards. 21st-century human standards.

And I'm not a 21st-century human. No matter what your medical scans say.

John's one of the leads in an original universe under development. A brief summary of who he and the other cast members are can be found here.

[Original character here, PBed by Tim Roth. Ideas are my own, unless I'm mucking about in a fandom for lulz, which does happen; Tim Roth is most definitely not mine.]